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You are under attack Answered


I just saw on this page https://www.instructables.com/tag/type-id/?sort=RECENT that the last 600 posts are in Korean and speak about "Casino" or whatever...

I don't know if you have noticed it so I'm just telling you.

Best regards


Do as I have done, and email service@instructables.com. The response will be laggardly because of weekends and time-zones.

Unfortunately, because the system doesn't let us open forum topics in a non-Latin alphabet, I can't flag them instantly away as I can other spam.

He was dumb enough to post some "Instructables" as well, which I flagged. :)

But I really think the easiest way would be to prevent all postings in non-latin and for freshly registered users to put all postings containing a link into a moderation line.

I know, I am constantly nagging, but judging by the progress of other problems I get the feeling we need more staff members with time and knowledge of the system.

For example, with me in AU, I see that most of the spam happens during the times when the western world is sleeping as it increases the chance of the spam being listed longer before it is killed.

For an international site it does make sense to have active admins / moderators from more countries than just the US to take care of the problems caused by time zones.

Still IMHO prevention and a better security system works better than fixing once it happened ;)

A lot of those with instant spam-killing powers are outside the US, so normal spam rarely lasts more than a few minutes on the forums (there's a gap in the coverage in the hours before GMT).

There are two problems that get in the way of quick kills; the system only lets admins open non-Latin postings, so Korean etc stuff stays on the forums until California wakes up, and there's an hour or two after midnight PST when the forums are laggy, and spam-flagging doesn't "take". The development team know about both issues, and (one presumes) are working on fixing them.

71 forum topics so far, let's see if HyunS reaches the 100....

I just hope he is not injecting malicious code as well...

I reported what I could posted by


for a few hours but he just keeps posting.
Would love to ban him but can't :(

Also seems that today / tonight noone is online that could quickly take care of the problem.

Looks like they are back again grrrr!


3 years ago



Just flag everything you see, we are taking care of it as fast as we can! Thanks for keeping an eye out!

News like that is best sent to HQ directly.

Yup you are right. I'm the community manager on duty and I'm doing my best to clear them out as fast as I can. Thank you for bringing that to our attention! Hopefully our site will get back to being awesome soon.

Is there any captcha or something to prevent this kind of attack when you create a new user or instructable? I think it would be a good start...

Yup that exist and let me tell you it catches a LOT! However, sometimes stuff breaks through unfortunately, however we have learned from this experience and new measures are already in the works to make sure it doesn't happen again!

You should look at not allowing multiple posts (form any user) that have the same first 100 (or so) characters of the body of the post. This should stop these automated multi-posts.

I just see that you (your team?) just vanish it all! Awesome work for an awesome website, carry on! ;)

Yes, round 2 is definitely on its way.


3 years ago




3 years ago

users with the following usernames (and variations) are spamming the site




variations have an hyphen "-" placed amongst the letters. For example from "jo-jwayoaju1818" to "jojwayoaju181-8"

Can confirm that the first 17 pages of Recent Instructables are almost covered spam posts from these "three" members.

Have to agree with virusdm that
a few improvements need to be made to prevent this happening again.
The first point he made I can agree with, whereas the second one I
partially agree with.

The best way to deal with them (and others like them) is to flag and move on - the flags all get reviewed by humans, who have the ability to remove all of a members' posts at a stroke.

If you feel urgent action is needed, I would also drop a PM to anybody on the Community Team who seems to be online at the time, and send an email to service@instructables.com.

In light of this, I'd suggest a couple site improvements:

1. There should be a rate limit on how many instructables/collections a person can create in a given unit of time.

2. A registered user should have the ability to block postings from a specific other user. This would be helpful not only in this case (as these are coming from two specific users) but would also be helpful for members who are displeased with the fair amount of terrible quality posts from (mostly 11-16 year old) users.

Blocking young makers seems counter productive. The featuring system makes it easy to see only quality instructables when desired. Encouraging and providing expertise to those still learning will provide exponential growth in quality instructables and makers here and elsewhere.

Allow me to clarify with a hypothetical situation:

Let's say there is a user named YOLOSWAGLOLUMADBRO and he/she posts a lot of instructables about pranking friends, what to do when you're bored, etc. These posts might be great for other people, but perhaps they're not super cohesive, are riddled with typos, contain no useful pictures, etc.

What I'd love to see is an option along the lines of "Hide posts from this user/I don't want to see any of YOLOSWAGLOLUMADBRO's instructables" All this would do make his posts invisible to me and only me.

This would allow every other user to see his/her posts, so that they could continue to provide expertise and encouragement. Thus, your idea of providing exponential growth in quality instructables here and elsewhere would still work just fine.

We have some improvements in the works in order to try and prevent anything like this from happening again. However, your suggestions are certainly worth discussing, thank you for suggesting them.

Before you started in your role, there was discussion about members being restricted to comments only for the first 24 hours of their membership.

I still think the idea has merit.


3 years ago

I came across the Korean? spam yesterday morning and flaged it up as spam. I don't think it was with out aim as the lines of code in the 2 postings I looked at varied by 1 to 3 characters per line I think it would be worth further investigation, as it seems a lot of effort to go to just to annoy a web site administrator nd its users

just block korea

Somebody seem to really hate you guys...


3 years ago

Again, they are back!

They are spamming again under a different account name.


3 years ago

Is there any webmaster on this website? My Newsreader It is full of Korean spam


3 years ago

It is now 17 pages of Korean Spam....

I never understood that advertising tactic, it's pointless and annoys people.There are certain brands that do that kind of thing and I have made the commitment to never buy or recommend to anyone,not even to mention who they are to avoid spreading their message!!!Hope this issue get resolved soon, I really enjoy browsing the new Instructables posted every day, but with this spammer it wont be possible.

attack of the Asian hookers

Yeah it seems to. Is there any webmaster on this website?