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can I replace white sugar with brown sugar when baking cookies? Answered

What will happen to my cookies if I replace the brown sugar in the recipe with white sugar


Like everyone's saying, it will change the taste. In the case of recipes calling for brown sugar (you didn't say light or dark...there's a difference), it will result in a blander flavor, since white sugar only imparts "sweet".

Brown sugar is also "softer" than white sugar and it will probably also affect the recipes' texture slightly.

Having thought about this a bit more, I am now almost sure you're going to see texture changes as well as taste, even if subtle. I had forgotten about color, which reading Verence's reply reminded me of, and then I got to thinking about how the brown in brown sugar acts under heat... Taken to extreme, you get that chewy inside and sugar-crystalline crispiness of literal "molasses cookies", if you see what I mean... So I'd expect that even for something like a chocolate chip cookies, you'd lose a bit of the stretch I *think the molasses (or "brown" in the brown sugar) imparts.

I'd be curious to hear back from you about how your experiment goes. Texture? color? taste?

BTW, Do you have any molasses at your disposal? If so, a ~1/8 tsp per cup of sugar might counter the bleached sugar, although I'll admit that my suggestion is just an educated guess... worth a try if you do and don't have access for a while to get brown sugar, ie, remote location/etc.

The colour may be a tiny bit lighter (probably not noticeable) and it will lack the caramel taste of the molasses in the brown sugar.

The brown sugar is just for the "special" taste, same like Cocos sugar or other raw sugars.
They all bring a destinct taste a flavour into the dish, but normal white sugar will do if you don't mind.

Will it change how the cookies bake ? No, not really.

Will it change the color?, Yes Slightly.

Will it change the Taste? Absolutely !

If the recipe suggested you use Brown Sugar it's for the taste, and i would suggest you stick with it. If you don't have any it won't hurt to use plain white sugar :)

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Good Luck !

You will change the look and more importantly the taste.

However try you may like it better.