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can i test a 90w inverter with a 1amp psu and my load is a 13w light 110v? Answered

I have tested an inverter with a cable modem psu but not lighting the light, is it due to PSUs 1amp rating or simply Inverter is faulty, I don't own a car or Battery for that matter yet..

90w inverter
13w light
1 amp power supply..


Yes, an inverter converts it doesn't generate. Your load was 13W, the most the supply could give you was 12. No chance of making it work without a big enough PSU.

Hi thanks, how much amp PSU would that be?
PC ATX PSU will do or has to be like 7amp SLA at least?

+1. Try hooking up to an automobile battery. If you don't own a car or are too young, either ask a friend or your dad/mom.

I'm not sure how well an ATX supply will deal with the starting surge, but its worth a try. Pretty well any SLA will work - they have a low enough output resistance to cope with the inverter