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chocolate car? Answered

Hello I always wanted to learn this, thank you so much! :D

would like to make a chocolate Mini Cooper for my mother but I´m not
sure how. I wanted to use diffrent kinds/colours of chocolate for the
roof , tiers ect. but when I use a (2part) silikon mold I think it will
breack before i can fill it up with the whole chocolate :/

was thinking of making a vacuum forming machine out of a toaster to make a (transparent) mold like this



but i think there are too many undercuts :/

i hope you understand what i mean ^^´

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Paige RussellBest Answer (author)2017-02-09

Hi porgo0,

What a fun project! It's totally doable.

I would recommend going with a one part silicone mold instead of a two part mold or vacuum forming. Silicone (depending on the type you use) is a champ at dealing with undercuts and will give provide much greater detail than vacuum forming.

There is only a couple of small compromises you'd have to make in the shape of the finished chocolates in using a one part mold.

1. If you want to be able to access the interior of the mold to paint white chocolate onto the roof, hub caps, etc., you will need to fill the space between the bottom of the car model and the work surface (aka ground) with sulfur-free sculpting clay – so that the opening on the bottom of the mold is large enough to see in and access, with a brush. The clay can be set back away from the edge of the car, even as far back as the inside sides of the tires. The model then becomes like the Gem soap model in Lesson 4 of my class.

Note: You will also need to fill any spaces, like between the tops of the tires and the car frame, with sculpting clay. This can also be recessed to allow for definition.

2. You'd need to remove the side mirrors, if any, on the model. They would get embedded in the silicone and prevent the model from releasing from the mold.

Once your model is prepped, follow the steps for the Gem soap mold using Smooth-On's Smooth-Sil 940 food-safe silicone rubber. This material will be flexible enough to release a decent amount of undercuts.

To ensure that the flexible mold doesn't move after you've painted on the details inside, I'd recommend placing the mold on a small cutting board for easy turning and moving without having touch the mold. This should prevent any cracking from happening before you get a chance to pour the full mold.

Once you have the model you're going to use to make the mold, feel free to send me pictures of it so I can make sure that the advice I gave you will work!

Happy making!


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porgo0 (author)Paige Russell2017-02-21


(finally found my quastion ^^´)

thank you so much for your answer!

my english isn´t so good so i´m sorry when i don´t understand everything you said :c

I need to find a bigger model first, but do you think I can make a 2 part silicon mold like the donut?

so i can paint the roof, tires first and set it later carefully together to cast it with the normal chocolate

like this? :)

I also would like to make some chocolate frogs like in Harry Potter ^^

a simple frog with nearly no undercuts like this


a 1 part silicon mold like the soap would be the best right?

PS: thank you very much for making this class, i learned so much from it! :D

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