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could Chispito Wind Generator be used as a source of electricity in a sailboat? if so how? Answered


Well of course it could, but you'd need to install it really stable, and it would probably provide some wind resistance... You're probably better off just putting solar panels on the bow or something.

. It definitely will add resistance (you can't get power out without power in), but, unless the OP is racing, not enough to matter.
. A combo wind/solar system would provide power except on windless nights. Should be able to handle those times with batteries (and batteries make good ballast).
. Mounting the panel on top of the mast might be a better option than on the bow.

You mean this one?
Yes, If you have a mast put it on top or just use a stable pole, there's plenty of ways. One would of course be to build the generator into a waterproof unit, add a propeller and drag it along after a sailboat.