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high voltage transformer Answered

I found a flybacktransformer and I would like to sale it. its is nice and heavy built and would have a better duty cycle than one of the newer ones. I would like to get $12 for it. finding a flyback like this one is not always too easy. I added a mug to show the size of it.


 If it is guaranteed to work, I'll take it today. What is the input / output on this one?

I dont have this one anymore but I do have another one, but a little smaller. they do work! 10kv is about what I get out. I have pushed flyback transformers up to 170VDC, but I found out that if your running them at a high current. DO NOT break the arc because they will self- destruct instantly. the smaller one works just fine too.

please tel me u still have it
ill give you 10 bucks for it

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It would help if you stated where you are, and roughly how much postage would cost in and out of your home country.

USA....... Utah..... The postage depends where you are.

$6 to $10 I would have to weigh it. but I think its closer to 6

Did you sell that one? I'm interested as this section doesn't seem to get much activity - does it work (for selling)? L

Iam currently working on selling number 7 of flyback transformers. did you want to buy this flyback?

So you've shifted 6 through this section already? (no I've already got one) L