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how to build a four legged robo for climbing a ladder?? Answered

i want to build a 4 legged manually controlled robot for a college competition which can climb a ladder which is placed at an angle of 90 degrees from the ground.and the robot must be of size 400mm X 400mm X 350mm .... please help me......



well, if you can make pincer like attachments on the legs it could climb up using the outside of the ladder. Also would involve pushing/pulling mechanisms on the legs. Eg: 2 top claws extend and grab the side of the ladder -> pull up. bottom claws engage -> top claws disengage and arms extend -> bottom claws push up -> top claws engage, etc...

Does it have to have 4 legs? Or can it be wheeled?

yes it should have 4 legs..... THE arena specificaions are 1.It consists of set of parallel rails of circular cross section 2.Diameter of cross-section and length of each rail is 25.4mm(1 inch) and 1000mm respectively. 3.The rails are spaced vertically by a distance of 200mm(center to center) 4.The structure raises to a height of 1612.7mm consisting of 8rails which are equally spaced.