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how to operate a commercial dish washing machine? Answered

stepa to operate a commercial dish wahing machine



8 years ago

i think you just load the plastic rack put it in and close it. Throw some dishwasher soap in there and press the start button, the commercial ones run extremely hot so it only takes a minute or two

The one I used, many years ago, had an automatic soap feed. Models, of course, may vary.

Hire experienced help.

Put your dishes on aa big crate and push the create under the machine pull down the lever is should start(if its turned on) its goes for ussualy 1 minnute


As I understand it, these are best thought of as sterilizers, rather than dishwashers per se. Use the sink and spray first to remove as much food as possible, then let the machine do a final wash-and-rinse pass. As Animan said: Stack reasonably-clean dishes in tray. Slide tray into machine. Close cover. Wait for cycle to finish. Lift cover. Slide clean tray out. Repeat as necessary.

if its in a commercial area you MUST NOT towel dry it just put up a fan

You should have bought one with instructions... L