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how to programme a PIC16F84? Answered

while programming a PIC16F84 do we have to enter the hex file or asm file or any other



7 years ago

You need to use a Microchip editor.and create a text file of your program which will be converted to a HEX file. The editor then loads the target pic.
If your PCB is properly traced out the you can load the hex file while the Pic is attached to the PCB.


if i already have a hex file then what do i have to enter the hex code in the programmer

Using a USB or serial port and a purchased or a self made 3/5 wire connector
(depending on where power comes from) the editor has a (load the code) button into the target Pic from your PC.
If you find Microchip overwhelming there are others supplying hardware software solutions to program your Pic.
Look in Newark or Allied or Digi-Key to trace these suppliers.

i have the programmer from ebay but for programming we have to download a software in that software do we have to enter the hex code

I made a Simon says PCB with program in Proton+ Basic for PIC microcontroller 16F628A. Have a look here: http://www.bertgvde.nl/quillby/electronica/projecten/simon-says

Have fun!

Not knowing the particular programmer. I have used over ten such. They have this in common, all require a pointer to a Hex file (best they are in same folder).
The differences, the hex file was supposed to be an ASCII representation or an Intel hex file or a real hex file that cannot be text read or edited without the specific programmer software.

Physically connect the 18 pin Pic to the programmer and to your PC..
Then use the software to send the hex code from the PC into the Pic a word at a time.