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i have a problem with my ps3 the disc is not spinning the lens and the whole system works fine can someone help me ? Answered



Bit of a contradiction here: the motor-drive doesn't spin the disc, yet "the whole system works fine"..
Has the the PS3 been tampered / interfered with, is it under warranty?


the system turns on so i thijnk its fine i opened it so i doesnt have warranty is jjust that the disc not spin that's my problem if you know the answer please help me

Without any more information, all I can think of is to replace the drive. I don't know of any reason why it's failed (no tampering/interference).
Out of curiosity, would the warranty have been valid if you hadn't opened it?


i have some new information i found out that the disc to spin the lens has to transfer from a blue light to a red light i have two lens now. one only flashes red and the other one flashes blue if you know something or if you know someone that knows please help me

Mmm, looking at laser light isn't such a good idea. This might mean something to another person (consider asking a new question with all this information), but I'm not much wiser myself.