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is it bad? Answered

hey, i just read something on gizmodo about how many ipods you owned, i picked over 8 in the poll, is it bad i've owned 15 ipods and they all worked? and still work? except the hard drive in 2 of them.


you must have lots of money! 15.....

people give me broken ones they dont want, so i fix em. works out good, then they get mad and say why didnt you say you could fix it?

You'd generate more good will by giving some of the fixed iPods back to their original owners. Unless you actually have a use for 15 iPods.

some of those people just dont deserve ipods....

You gain the MOST good will (or call it Karma!) by giving them back to the people who don't deserve them :-) Of the 5 iPods in our family, I think we only "bought" two of them. Two were won in drawings at trade shows (a gen 1 shuffle and a gen 3 (?) mini), and one was "free when you open this brokerage account." (gen 3 mini) We bought another one too (gen 1 full sized), but it was stolen from our car :-(

i dont know did you take your anger out on it for no reason? lol, or take it apart and seeing what happens when i cut this wire and take out this blue thing? lmao

or give them to other people on here.....

I asked, but no one wanted to give it to me. Oh well. I should really start collecting more scrap stuff to part out (all of my parts are 1200 miles away)

can i have one for my brother (cuttingmat)?

They still work?! That's a lot of iPods! :O