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lawn weed killer Answered

I was wondering if anyone knows of a homemade weed killer that will not harm the surrounding grass.


I've heard boiling water works, can't remember where though and I've never tried it.

As I tell the neighboors "Those aren't weeds, they're butterfly plants that serve to increase the local biodiversity and provide a green corridor for the endemic wildlife." For the really nasty weeds, it's cheaper in the long run to get a bottle of roundup and spot treat..

although this will kill a small circle of grass, it tends to come back. What is needed is to kill the entire root system. I took "rock salt" (the type for melting snow) and using about a teaspoon of it, forced it into the dirt right beside the weed's root. Then, I watered it very slowly. This if done correctly will seep pretty much straight downward and the weed would die. I used this method on thistles because I loved to run barefooted when i was younger. A circle of grass the size of a soft ball would sometimes turn brown, but the grass, being sorter rooted, would come back. The weed, especially if it rained in the next 48 hours, would die off.

Vinegar in a spray bottle with pinpoint stream spray will only treat single weeds. I usually buy a sack of lawn fertilizer/weed control for the rest of my small lawn. The trick is to apply it now before the growing season starts (they call it pre-emergence treatment).