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looking for universal frame website Answered

I have been searching for several days trying to find a website. It is a framing system that is used for loft beds, pedal cars, and any number of things. I think it is a .org. It uses holes in square members and the way it is bolted together is very strong. Help!


I have some more information on my website. Come here and let's talk!


It used to be called "box beam" but has been renamed to "grid beam." There is a (rather dated and incomplete) web site: http://www.gridbeamers.com/ and copy of the review from Whole Earth Review of the Box Beam Sourcebook, which I have and is inspiring: http://findarticles.com/p/articles/mi_m1510/is_n83/ai_15770317/

I really wish this stuff had taken off more. It's like an erector set for grownups, that you can build desks, lofts, shelves, even cars with.

You can also find more by googling for Phil Jergenson, the creator/proponent of grid beam.

Yeah I've used every combination I can think of for searching.

It has 2 bolts holding 3 members together for a really strong corner.

I found it! It's Grid Beam!

I may have seen it myself this year - what material is it made from?


I 'THINK' it was wood but it is actually more of a method rather than a material. I hope that makes sense.

No I'm not having much luck there, it's a bit vague - too many hits unless I can remember where I think I might have seen it...