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my rabbit alice has a deep cut on the inside of your thigh i dont know what from? Answered

its probly about a centimeter or two deep i sprayed it with disnfectent that we use on our cuts. its a little smaller then a 5 cent piece. should i open it and check for maggots? its almost complettly scabbed over. she doesnt act any diffrent but i do know that rabbits try hard not to act hurt when they are. for now i will spray it one a day will disnfectnt. please help!


if you trim the fur around it you can scrub it out with soap and water. If its already scabbed over i would just leave it alone. Nature has been taking care of itself for thousands of years now.

Rabbits do not try hard not to act hurt; they don't act hurt because there is no point in doing it for them. Also, predators go for injured animals first because they're easier to catch.



5 years ago

If it is scabbed over and the skin surrounding it isn't red, swollen or doesn't feel hotter than the rest of her body, I recommend you do nothing except trim back the fur a little with scissors so you can clearly see the wound.
As long as the rabbit isn't licking or constantly worrying with the wound, it is probably healing normally.