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what is the most stupid/funny thing to 'cook' in a microwave? Answered

this can be absolutly anything- as long as it'll fit!


I heard some lady cooked her poodle after a bath to dry it...let's say it didn't work as she planned. Poor doggy.  :(

Potatoes explode (I think), gummi bears and marshmallows might be cool...if you put metal in in, it breaks...

not completely true on the metal part. if you nuked a spoon, fork or knife, it wouldnt do anything. ive tried it after sticking a LB. if beef (in the plastic) with the ends crimped with metal crimpings. Nothing happened to the meat, the metal at the ends, nor the microwave.

BUT if you take a piece of foil and crumble it up, you can POTENTIALLY ruin the microwave, but all it will really do is make alot of sparks. but to eliminate arguments, notice i said potentially...this means its possible. im not denying it.

A kitten with c4 strapped to its chest. =3


Put in a lightbulb no more than 5 seconds.

hairspray? my left foot?