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whether this work? whether thiss is possible? Answered



I ask for this video :D

The video, you can have. Simple wiring trick, with a mains supply through the baseboard.

The "reality", you can't have.


I am a firm believer that sites like Youtube should police themselves and forbid videos that give false or inaccurate information. I am overwhelmed by the amount of disinformation that populates the internet.

Free-speech man, everybody should be allowed to say anything; it's for their peers to correct them (e.g. by posting a comment on the video).


(No censorship)

It can do, you mean that it doesn't have to.
What wouldn't you want YouTube to exclude? Personal-opinions to camera would tend to be caught by disinformation-rules, and there's a lot more that you could think of good reasons to prohibit that isn't now. Advertising is often borderline-disinformation too.


Oh, I'm not disagreeing with you, but if Google wanted to take them down, there's no law against it.

Yes, I was thinking of moral-law rather than statute.


Well I hate to be "that guy" but this video is not a matter of personal opinion but a blatant lie. It is physically impossible for electrons to keep circling in a loop and still have the potential to power gadgets like the ones in the video.

Is it a lie, or a practical joke that's being wildly misread ?


After April Fools Day it should be taken out!

.../but what about the May fools, the June fools etc etc

Don't forget those that represent themselves in court, you know what people say: "The man that speak for himself in court has a fool for a client"

OK...thanks....comments in this video is on Serbian and they are divided, some say that it can, while others say they can not....But thanks to your comments

Divided? Surely not!

Unless you mean they are divided into polite dismissal and derisory dismissal?

There are people who say they have tried and it works but, what you said, on derisory dismissal :D

If they say they have done it, THEY ARE LYING.

A parlour trick for the terminally dumb.