Introduction: !!! 5 People Bike !!!

centralised brake system. 4 passengers-engine + 1 driver. Triangular shape. Front wheel with bi-conic rotating axe at the top of the triangle.

Step 1: Short Video - Synthetising

We made this vehicule for the "ecolo parade 2003" in Paris, the green party. This is afor 4 pedalibng people, and 1 driving.


Step 2: Soldering Prototype

this is the making of the prototype suspended while soldering.

Step 3: The First Prototype, 2 Front Wheels

we wanted to make it stable and strong so the first prototype had two front forks. It wasn't a good idea ... the original normal bike axes weren't strong enough ...

Step 4: Prototype, Back

The handles for the engine-pedaling people are missing.
A wheel was missing ... the structure was too rigid so most of the time only 2 wheel were touching the road _ so only two people pedaling for real !

This prototype was so dangerous, it had no brake, we destroyed a police car in the midle of the night ...

Step 5: Final Prototype !

finally we used this one for the protest ! It was working so perfectly !

Step 6: Little Black Kddies Squatting My Bike

The only we had was the popularity of the bike !!!!we ended being 10 people on the bike at the same time ... we really had to consider this ... hehe !

Step 7: Look at the Video ! It Says Everything !

I know this is not instructable enough for now, not enough details ... I made a professional version of this with all the norms, calculations of structures, detailled maps and I'll put them on-line soon ! come back soon !!! THANK YOU !

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