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Welcome to the Instructables Teachers Hub!

Welcome to the new home for all things Teacher related on Instructables. We hope you'll explore the new features and come back often to ...

Topic Posted Fri May 31 11:37:25 PDT 2019 by WeTeachThemSTEM  |  last reply Thu Apr 02 11:32:05 PDT 2020

How to Implement Facebook Social Login

Good afternoon,I have been trying to use "login with facebook" on my website for 15 days. I have been using the code published by ...

Question Posted Fri Mar 20 06:57:06 PDT 2020 by pp8380  |  last reply Wed Apr 01 11:54:30 PDT 2020

Can you create an area for class to upload to Instructables?

Hi there,I am wondering if it is possible to create an area for my students to upload projects as a class? Any ideas or ...

Topic Posted Wed Mar 25 11:39:27 PDT 2020 by CarmelC  |  last reply Thu Mar 26 17:31:53 PDT 2020

Elementary School (K-5) Teachers

Do you teach at the elementary level? If so, this is the place for you to introduce yourself and connect with other K-5 educators. ...

Topic Posted Wed Jun 19 09:50:40 PDT 2019 by WeTeachThemSTEM  |  last reply Wed Mar 25 06:15:32 PDT 2020


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"Don't stop what you're doing!!" - J. Ward,

"You guys are awesome!" - M. Mansell,
Welding Instructor

"I feel like I found the jackpot!" - I. Gander,
Media Teacher

"I want to make children believe they can do whatever they dream of. Instructables lets me teach and give them a chance to experience different things. Thank you!" - G. Türkay,
Maker Instructor

"We promote hands-on student activities for classroom, informal and after school activities. We use Instructables with K-12 students, in professional development workshops for teachers, and for student inspiration for energy projects and competitions. We share your site at every teacher workshop, telling them they must get on your mailing list!" - P. Hall,
Energy Educator

"Students use the website to find ideas and inspiration for projects and I use it for all sorts of things. Whenever I am looking into doing something I check Instructables for information. The website provides top quality information and is a valuable resource to people of all walks of life. I have it listed as a resource on my school webpage for both parents and students." - M. Parson,
High School Teacher