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Topic Posted Wed Sep 05 11:08:54 PDT 2018 by randofo  |  last reply Sat Oct 12 22:15:20 PDT 2019

What is this? identify my tool!?

I had this for years, anybody got a clue what it is? most amusing answer gets a patch:-)

Question Posted Tue Oct 08 16:47:31 PDT 2013 by crazyg  |  last reply Fri Oct 18 18:58:06 PDT 2019

Help with noob to cnc

So I'm totally new to cnc and would love to be able to build a CNC router just looking for some advice please, iv ...

Question Posted Fri Oct 18 13:10:20 PDT 2019 by jmh474  |  last reply Fri Oct 18 14:40:03 PDT 2019

Cover image darkening

Hello,I recently made an instructable and when i saved it, it always darkened the cover image so it made it really hard to see. ...

Question Posted Sun Oct 06 12:09:18 PDT 2019 by Perfect DIY  |  last reply Thu Oct 17 11:53:48 PDT 2019