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Topic Posted Wed Sep 05 11:08:54 PDT 2018 by randofo  |  last reply Wed Dec 04 19:11:41 PST 2019

Diagonally cutting across a plywood cylinder?

I want to make a couple of identical circular wedged speaker enclosures by cutting a large drum shell (16in by 16in floor tom) in ...

Question Posted Fri Dec 13 05:35:06 PST 2019 by ambientvoid  |  last reply Fri Dec 13 18:58:08 PST 2019

I observed suddenly my car stops while driving, steering wheel becomes hard and speedometer stop working, why?

My car model is Honda CITY 2005 its dolphin type and i don't have any clue about this, please help me! thank you.

Question Posted Sun Jun 21 20:49:17 PDT 2015 by SunilB5  |  last reply Fri Dec 13 13:59:36 PST 2019

Instructables Maker Buddy Instagram Sweepstakes

We're hosting our first-ever Instagram Sweepstakes! This is your chance to win a phone video gimbal for you and a buddy! This nifty gimbal ...

Topic Posted Fri Dec 13 11:02:50 PST 2019 by audreyobscura