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Topic Posted Wed Sep 05 11:08:54 PDT 2018 by randofo  |  last reply Wed Dec 04 19:11:41 PST 2019

Can I use 60ppi polyurethane to filter solder smoke?

I am going to make myself a little rig. Two fans with some kind of filter sandwiched in between. I was wondering if polyurethane ...

Question Posted Tue Jan 21 08:37:43 PST 2020 by Inblackandwhite  |  last reply Tue Jan 21 09:37:19 PST 2020

Has anyone ever built their own rooftop luggage or cargo box?

I have had a couple and for 2 & 300.00 bucks or more, there's really not much to them. It's just a hollow hinged ...

Question Posted Sun May 20 06:30:18 PDT 2012 by SAWWAS72  |  last reply Mon Jan 20 11:30:42 PST 2020

Why should perpetual motion be impossible?

Our laws of physics are quite clear when it comes to the impossible.You can not produce more energy within a system than what actually ...

Topic Posted Mon Jan 20 07:25:35 PST 2020 by Downunder35m