Introduction: $2 Mini Graphics Tablet

TOUCHPAD HACK - How to transform a touchpad into a useful mini graphics tablet with some simple everyday items

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Step 1: Making the Pen Step 1

Get yourself a long phillips head screw. This will simulate the tablets pen. And youll also need a small 1.5 volt battery.

Step 2: Making the Pen Step 2

The final item is a small ball bearing. You can find these on any dog tag chain. Just snip off one of the balls.

Step 3: Making the Pen Step 1

Now place the bearing in the top part of the screw and place the battery ontop of the bearing. Make sure the battery's positive side is on the opposite side to the bearing.

Now simply tape the screw, bearing and battery together leaving only the batteries positive side exposed.

The ball bearing allows the battery to rotate and remain flush with the touchpad whilst in use

I have taped over the screws thread to make it more comfortable to hold

Step 4: Using the Pen

Now that your pen is ready simply place it battery side down on your touchpad using one hand and use your other hand to depress a mouse button....and draw away.