Introduction: [blog 2006-03-10] Human Readable Terms of Service

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Instructables is rapidly evolving, growing, and becoming more and more exciting. Our vision for the project is captured in the about page, but I thought you might enjoy a more practical approach. So, here's a human readable terms of service.

Please use Instructables to:

  • Document and show off how you built your projects. Projects can be in any form -- half-finished, hot off your work bench, or fully debugged and ready to make a million units. If there's instruction, if someone can learn from and improve upon your work, it's an Instructable.
  • Demonstrate how to do something. This could include showing how to change a car tire, how to use a software product, how to sail a boat.
  • Solicit feedback or help on projects. Post useful comments and suggestions on other people's projects. Work together with other users to improve on projects. Post derivative projects that show your contribution or innovation to an existing Instructable. We are working on tools to make this easier.
  • Market your project. Did you make two widgets, but only need one? Are you willing to cook your awesome recipe for others? Are you the best at what you do and willing to share your service? Let people know. We are working on tools to make this easier.

Please don't use Instructables to:

  • Advertise without any useful instruction.
  • Post projects that are inappropriate. There's a "grayzone" that includes all the things you might think it includes: obscene projects, clearly unsafe projects with no warning or instruction, and projects that are previously copyrighted or rely solely on copyrighted or otherwise protected materials. If your project is in the grayzone, we may decide to un-publish or delete it.
  • Post comments that are mean-spirited or insulting.

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