Introduction: [blog 2006-04-15] Tagging an Idea

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One of the things that we're very really excited about for Instructables is the concept of a derivative project -- a project that uses another project as a stepping stone for further refinement, improvement, or application to a totally different problem. The community of DIYers that we're all a part of can really do some amazing things working together as a community. Innovation rarely happens in a vacuum.

The obvious next step is to let the community help refine and evolve ideas that aren't yet ready to be finished projects. And, the wonderful thing is that this is already happening: Toy Cookie Dunking Cup is a derivative idea based on Oreo Milk Dunker. This is exactly the process that yields the best products.

I'd like to encourage anyone with an idea to post it and tag it "idea." Show us what you're thinking about and get community feedback. Describe where you're stuck and ask for help. If you have pictures or graphics, that's great. If not, sketch your idea on paper and scan it in; I find it works best to start with a pencil and when you have it right, outline with a black marker or highlighter like this. If it's a derivative idea, tag it with the name of the original idea or project.

We'll figure out a logical way to organize and separate projects and ideas. For the time being, browse through the ideas by searching for the idea tag: