Introduction: [blog 2006-05-10] Complete Project Syndication Now Available!

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You can now display your entire instructables project on your own web site! We've added the capability for you to grab entire project content in a format which is easily encapsulated on your own site. Why are we doing this? Instructables fully supports the Open Source movement and the idea of free availability of information. We're committed to leading the way in Open Source for "stuff". All the projects on Instructables are created by you, and we think that letting you use your projects any way you want will only make the projects and the site more useful to everyone. Don't forget that each project on the site is made available under the license specified by the author of the project (this appears in the left column when viewing the project). Most projects are available for non-commercial use only under the default Creative Commons license.

Here's how it works:
Say you are looking at a project with this URL:

Just grab the unique ID at the end of that and put it into a syndication URL like this:

This returns an unformatted HTML version of the complete project content! You can wrap that in your own stylesheet, etc. You can also get the unique ID from our RSS feeds, for example from the recent project feed:

the unique ID appears in the GUID tag for each project.

Automation Scripts
We've provided a perl script below which you can use to automatically generate and update your web page with all your instructables projects. The script checks your RSS feed on instructables and makes an index page linking to the syndicated project pages. It's a great starting point for you to put your own stylesheet around and link into your personal website.

If you make your own syndication code and scripts, please post them too! and links to your syndicated site!