Introduction: SKODA Superb MK2 Door Panel Removal

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This instructable is aimed to help the Škoda superb mk2 owners like me who were having trouble removing the door panel.

Step 1: Uncovering the Screws

1-Removing the handle:

-The window switches' panel is welded with top part of the handle, and the handle should be removed entirely by prying it upward with a wide flat head, preferably without sharp edges because the rubber is a little weak. and the second picture shows the location of the clips (yellowish greenish color).

-The windows switches panel's connector is removed by pulling the blue lock and pulling outward.

-The mirrors' switch connector is annoying to remove by hand, however, it's easily removed by inserting a flathead between the connector's shroud and the plug, pushing it in and twisting.

Two T-25 screws is hidden behind the handle.

2-Removing the tweeter's cover:

-The cover is removed by inserting a flathead and twisting slightly to unlatch the clips.

-Doors locks' rocker button is removed similarly to the mirrors' switch, but can easily be removed by hand

One T-15 screw is hidden behind the handle.

3- The door also has two visible T-15 screws in the bottom side.

The panel now has no screws connecting it to the door.

Step 2: Removing the Panel

-The panel now has to be pried away from the door using a wide flathead (plastic is better as to not scrath the paint), starting from the bottom and working around the panel's sides. (The fasteners' locations are visible in the picture)

-After the panel is loosened, it's pulled upwards the outwards.

in that step the window's rubber and the panel top leather part will rub against each other, and it is going to make it feel like the panel is still attached with something, careful prying should eliminate this problem

The panel has Five cables preventing the panel from being pulled out further from the door :

1-Door handle's bowden cable, and is removed by unlatching the clip and pulling it to the left (while looking from above).

2-Door handle LED's connector, and is removed by pushing the metal pin inside and pulling the connector out.

The led can also be removed with it's casing from the door handle easily (may come off on its own) but re-attaching while remounting the panel is a PITA.

3-Tweeter's connector, and is removed by pinching with the right thumb and index and pulling the connector out with the left hand.

4-Security's indicator LED, removed by inserting a flat head and twisting, lifting the tab securing the connector, then pulling the plug.

4-Puddle light's plug, and is removed similarly to the tweeters connector.

(two man job, or using something to keep the panel high untill the plugs are removed would help alot)

Step 3: Reassembly

Reassembly is pretty much retracing the steps,but while paying attention to:

-The fact that the panel has hooks on top that latch onto the cover behind the mirror.

-Fishing the handle's connectors before attaching the panel is essential, because they Will get lost in there.

(the designers have made that simple which i loved :D)

- The speaker is huge, and the panel have alot of (beautifully designed) fasteners waiting to poke it.

- The handle has pins for alignment and securing, the previous' owner mechanics made sure to ruing all of them, be gently when pressing it back into its location.

pictures of removing the mirror to replace or fix, and changing the courtesy light is available if requested :)