Introduction: Šaltybarčiai - Borscht

Šaltybarčiai is a traditional Lithuanian soup.

Main ingredient is beetroot.

The soup is cold, so it's great if you live in a country that has a warm climate.

Step 1: Ingredients and How To...

Add beetroot.
They can be in a jar, sliced into little stripes.
Or from your garden

Add spring onions.

Add cucumber. Whole or a half.
Depends on how many people will eat.

Cut cucumber into a half ( horizontally) and then cut into thin stripes.

( or the size you like to eat)

Add Dill

And now add kefir.

mix everything, add salt.

Now boil the eggs and after you're done, cut them in pieces (size you like)

and add into the soup.

Before serving get your potatoes boiled and put in separate plate.

The soup is cold, yet it's very good.

It can be thicker or thinner depending on which you like more.
Thick? Add more ingredients.
Thin? add less :P


Step 2:

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