Introduction: Сhristmas Snowmen Family

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Hello, guys! This time, I’m eager to offer you one more item you can make use of to decorate your home for Christmas. It is also a perfect gift for your friends or family, because you may use it as a unique greeting card. The decoration we will focus on today is quite easy to make, although, you will, probably, need half of the day or so to cope with the task! This is especially true, if you have never done such holiday decorations before. And, of course, encourage your kids, nephews and other children you know to help you create such an original décor element! I have called this decoration “Christmas Snowmen Family”. Just have a look at it and you will feel that special atmosphere of happiness, family unity, Christmas spirit and joy associated with one of the favorite holidays of most kids and adults. Are you ready to start creating your own masterpiece? Then let’s do that right away!

Step 1: Supplies

  • corrugated cardboard
  • paper
  • cotton wool
  • PVA glue
  • acrylic paints
  • academy board
  • colorful beads
  • wire
  • felt

Step 2: Make a Base for Your Frame

Let’s start with making the frame first, because we will need to glue it and it will require some time to dry. Take a piece of corrugated cardboard and cut out all the required details for your frame. The sizes and measurements are provided on the photo.

Step 3: Glue the Corners and Attach the Paper Elements to Them

The first paper element you will need to cut out is a wide strip of paper, the size of which should equal that of the side part of the frame. It is shown on the photo as well. Now, take a paper element you have just cut out and glue it to the corner of the frame from the outside. This will be the first corner of the frame.

Step 4: Glue Other Corners

Now, cut out another paper element of the same size. Glue it to the corner of the frame from the inner side. This is what you should get in the result. Repeat the previous two steps to make the second corner of the frame. Likewise, you should make two other corners of your frame. This is not that difficult, believe me!

Step 5: Glue Paper Strips to the Sides of the Frame

It is high time to glue paper strips to smaller corners of the frame. Cut out wider and longer paper strips and stick them to the edges of the frame. Make the strips wider to make it possible to fold them properly.

Step 6: Glue White Paper to the Sides of the Frame

Having glued paper strips to the corners and edges of the frame, take pieces of white paper and glue them to the back and inner sides of the frame.

Step 7: Paint the Frame From the Inside

Now, we are ready to start the most interesting process! Take white and blue acrylic paints and try to create a winter background. The background depends upon your imagination! This is what I’ve got!

Step 8: Start Making Snowmen

Let’s cut out carton elements that will further be used to make snowmen. All in all, you will need three snowmen: mother, father and a child, of course. Then soak cotton wool with PVA glue well and glue it to the elements you have prepared for your snowmen. It is better to make several cotton wool layers, letting each layer to dry out well. Now, let’s make small noses for your snowmen family. Roll cotton wool to form cones and soak them with PVA glue. Attach noses to the faces of your snowmen.

Step 9: Paint the Snowmen

Take white acrylic paint and carefully cover your snowmen with it. Then draw the faces. They may look as you wish!

Step 10: Make Wire Hands

Take black wire and make hands for your snowmen. Having cut the wire hands for your snowmen, attach them to the figures. Glue small pieces of cloth to the backs of your snowmen to fix the wire safely.

Step 11: Decorate the Snowmen

Now, you are welcome to decorate your snowmen with regard to your taste and ideas! I made scarves and mittens of felt, but you can use any other material you have at hand.

Step 12: Make a Base for the Snowmen

To make a base for the snowmen, cut out rectangles out of academy board. Fold them as it is shown on the photo. Glue the bases to each snowman and place the figures inside the frame as you wish.

Step 13: Prepare Decorative Elements

Finally, you can prepare any decorative elements to be further glued to your picture. Cut out the carton sledge, fold them and paint with white acrylic paint if you wish. Make a box with the toys and a Christmas tree using colorful paper or carton.

Step 14: Arrange the Elements Inside the Frame

Now, it is high time to arrange the elements you have prepared inside a frame to create a composition. Attach the items with the glue. Make the snow banks using cotton wool soaked in PVA glue. As soon as the cotton wool dries out, paint it white. Decorate the picture with the beads.

Step 15: Merry Christmas!

That’s it! Your Christmas Snowmen Family is now ready! You can enjoy your masterpiece, decorate your home with it or just present it to someone you love! Such gift will be memorable, personalized and unique! Merry Christmas!