Introduction: 小雪花

Little snowflake

Step 1: 1. Make the Base Plate

1. Make the base


1. Two rectangles of length 45, width 20 and height 1.

2. Two rectangles of length 20, width 5 and height 1

3.A semicircle of radius 4.

4.Assemble the above materials together

Step 2: 2.Make Non-slip Pads

Copy the right half of the figure (pink), scale it down,0.2 higher than the bottom plate, and put it together

Step 3: 3.Make Wheels

Reduce the radius of the ring appropriately and

increase the radius.Take the ring handle, cover it on the ring, and combine.Copy and paste.Take a cylinder, reduce the radius, lengthen.Combine it with the two wheels and copy and paste.

Step 4: 4.The Production of Bridge

1.Take a square board, use two big hollow circles, four small solid circles, two small hollow circles together

2.The six prism shall be reduced in
proportion. Take the cylinder to be reduced in smaller proportion, centered and aligned, and put together.Become a screw

3. Copy screws into four, put four screws on a butterfly board, assemble, and then copy and paste.Two Bridges are done

Step 5: 5. Make Connectome

Connect a semicircle with a rectangular cuboid of the same length, copy a screw and place it on the top, and combine

Step 6: 6.The Assembly

1.Combine all the parts into the shape as shownin the figure

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