Introduction: 木子林泉


Step 1: Do Half the Bridge



Step 2: DO the Rocket of Half the Bridge. Drag Out a Cylinder With a Height of 1.5 and a Diameter of 20

Step 3: Drag Out a Cube to Hollow Align and Cut Half of the Cylinder in Groups

Step 4: Make Half of a Cylinder and a Cuboid Into Half of a Bridge

Step 5: Tilt Half the Cylinder 17 Degrees and Realign

Step 6: Change the Color of Two Objects and Group Them (color Is Allowed in the Controller)

Step 7: Copy and Paste the Other Half of the Bridge in a Mirror Image

Step 8: Align and Make a Complete Bridge and Set It As S1 After Grouping and Merging. Put It Aside for Later Use

Step 9: Second. Make Bracket Wheels



Step 10: Pull Out the Torus and Stretch It to the Right Size and Change the Color

Step 11: Align the Two and Group Them Into One Wheel (color Allowed in Control Bar)

Step 12: Copy and Paste Out Another Wheel, Make Poles A1 With Cylinders and Group Them Into B1

Step 13: Copy A1, Stretch A1 to 3×1×7cm, and Tilt It 45 Degrees

Step 14: Line Up the Made Object With B1 As C1, As Shown in the Figure

Step 15: Drag Out the Cuboid (set to A2) and Change It to Black and Set the Size 12×6×1cm

Step 16: Splice the 7cm Elevation of A2 and C1 and Group Them Into C2 As Shown in the Figure

Step 17: Copy A1 Change Its Size to 1×1×5cm and Tilt 45 Degrees to A3

Step 18: Set A3 and Splicing As C3 As Shown in the Figure

Step 19: Drag Out Polygons to Size 2×1.73×1cm, Turn White and Tilt 45 Degrees to A4

Step 20: Splicing A4 and C3 Into C4 As Shown in the Figure

Step 21: Copy A4, Take A1, Change the Specification to 1×1×3.5cm, and Splicing It Into B2 With A4, and Then Group It Into Groups (the Color Is Set As Color) As Shown in the Figure

Step 22: Four B2 Were Copied and Reasonably Distributed on C4 to Form C5, As Shown in the Figure

Step 23: Copy the Mirror Image of C5 and Splicing the Two C5s on S1 As Shown in the Figure

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