Introduction: 滑板

It's a combination of a balance car and a skateboard, combing the characteristics of these two tools, so a skateboard was born.

Step 1: Build a Board First

Build a panel

Step 2: Chamfer

Create a new entity merge, and then make a chamfer

Step 3: Using the Method Described Above

Merge and chamfer both sides from the outside and inside at the same time.

Step 4: Shear

To cut a cuboid at the center of the plate.

Step 5: Do the Cylinderical

Close the panel and create a new cylinder.

Step 6: Punching

Open the plate surface and test whether the cylinder is suitable in size. Then close the plate surface of the plate, center on the hole, cut a circle on each side, and build another circle around the hole to make a hole on the side.

Step 7: Do the Tires

Close the plate surface, hole as the center, both sides cut a circle, hole as the center to build a circle.

Step 8: Segmentation

Turn off the built plate wheel, another round cylinder built in the previous step, then pull out the gram, and then perfrom the partition entity.

Step 9: Cut Off the Excess

Turn off the split bottom half to avoid grinding the wheels as they slide.

Step 10: Connect the Overall

Create a new cylinder with the hole center as the origin and open all the plate and wheel can be connected.

Step 11: Adjust the Scale

Adjust the legth and proportion of the plate to make it look more comfortable.

Step 12: Chartlet

The adjustment completes, look sfor a piece of oneself like picture to stick up, the completion.

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