Introduction: 滑板

My skateboard has a more reasonable design for beginners, and has a higher fault tolerance than the general skateboard

1:The board of the skateboard is slightly longer than the human shoulder, such a design is more easy to difficulty compared with the general operation of the high number of because in the long plate, controlled by a small proportion of area compared with the board, when undertaking difficult moves, the control force of the point to the size of the handle is more difficult, but this is slightly wider than shoulder boards, have greater fault tolerance rate in operation, easier to make a difficult moves.

2: the length that board chooses 32cm on the width, make sure no matter how old foot can be used safely at ease.

3:the joint under the wheel chose the excuse stuck iron bar, iron bar connection two tire design, this is in consideration before the tire excuse design use time is too long will not be Ok with the degree of lubrication, or accidentally into the debris will be directly scrapped and unable to repair the skateboard. This design can be timely replaced when there is a problem, and will not cause the abandonment of the enterprise.

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