Introduction: --::::powerful Knex Gun::::--

an easy and fun knex gun that can fire through paper

i will make another instructable on the special ammo with F.T.P. (fire through paper) technology

i will make the wheeled base/bipod instructable if enough(10) people pm me

Step 1: Parts You Will Need Along With Duct Tape and Duct Tape With a Pattern/solid Color(i Used Camo)

gather materials

you will need all the parts in the pictures( quantities listed)& i also added the tape you will need in my title

Step 2: Build Frame

add four of the yellow things(bottom right on part grid) and one black thing(dead in the middle on the part grid) to the rod as shown

Step 3: Add Your Barrel

the red and grey parts are just alike

you want to add seven of these

the only difference is the color

Step 4: Build Your Trigger

(a lot of tards say the block trigger is crap but look at wat killerk uses on mostly all of his guns) build trigger with a small rod(top left of parts list) and a medium rod on bottom(top right of parts list)

Step 5: Finish Frame/barrel

add the rest of your barrel to the frame

use the rest of the red and grey parts and then at the end of the frame add the circular black part

put a streight part(that thing that looks like the trigger) at the rear end for a handle/finger guard

Step 6: Make Fire Pin

use the longest rod for the firing pin and the clippy thing for the rubber band grip reinforce with about 3/4 foot of regular duct tape

Step 7: Customize(optional)

rip off some patterned/solid color tape and rip/cut it in 1/2 and put it on the yellow things

Step 8: Add Rubber Bands and Add Fire Pin


Step 9: Ur Done

now pm me if you want me to make the wheeled bipod and special ammo