Introduction: < 5$ Outdoor Surfboard Rack ( Wall Hooked) From Up-cycled PVC Pipes

This is a very simple easy to make and cheap surfboard rack made of PVC tubing which can be knocked up in no time.

The basic design can be modified to suit any number of boards and mounting positions. I've used 1 inch (32 mm) PVC pipes because i had a lot of discarded pieces but  u can use other sizes as well. 

Item List ( 3 board hook design)
  1. T junction - 6 numbers
  2. 90 degree elbow bend - 4 numbers
  3. 45 degree elbow bend - 6 numbers
  4. end caps (optional) - 10 numbers
  5. PVC pipe - depending on size of the surfboard and height of the wall ( (2 X size of wall) + (6 X width of surfboard) 
  6. PVC Solvent cement ( or some sort of glue for sticking the pipes
Things To Consider
  • while choosing a location make sure its in the shade ( exposure to sunlight for long periods dulls and deteriorates the surfboard)
  • Cut all the pices of pipe in each step together so that the two racks are identical
  • when not using the boards for long periods cover them with some tarpaulin or thick plastic / canvas
  • If u have covers use them. Will protect the board from unintentional knocks or things falling on it
  • before gluing test fit and make sure everything is correct

Step 1: The Hook

This first bit is the hook or the top portion which will hook / clip on to the wall ledge and keeps the rack upright / stable

for this part 
  1. Glue a length of PVC pipe between two 90 degree elbow bends. The length of the  pipe is based on the thickness of the wall. The end-caps should fit over the ledge with approximately 1/2 inch of clearance on either side. Make sure the bends are aligned nicely.
  2. Glue a second length of PVC to one end of the Elbow with and end-cap. The length of the PVC pipe is around 8 - 10 inches

Make 2 of these

Step 2: Surfboard Resting Rods

This is the portion on which the surfboard rests

For this part
  1. Fix the 45 degree elbow bend with the vertical portion of the T junction. for this use a small piece of PVC pipe so that the junction and the elbow touch each other. Make sure the Elbow and the junction are aligned perfectly.
  2. Fix a length of pipe ( length approximately 3 inches than the width of  your broadest surfboard) with an end cap to the free end of the 45 degree elbow

Make 6 of these

Step 3: The Rack Assembly

Here We put together the 3 surfboard resting rods to form one rack
  1. Connect 2 lengths of PVC pipe between 3 resting rods. The pipe length is the thickness of your thickest surfboard plus 5 - 8 inches. Make sure the rods are aligned properly and everything is parallel ( Very important).
  2. At the bottom of  last rod connect a length of  pipe with an end-cap. This forms the foot of the  rack. Choose the length depending on your preference / requirement
Make 2 of these

Step 4: Putting It All Together

Connect the rack assembly with the hook

In this step the the rack assembly and the hook is to be connected. Choose a length of PVC pipe so that the leg just rests on the ground and the hook is firmly seated on the wall ledge. By changing this piece of pipe the rack can be moved to another wall of different height. So if u plan on shifting might be a good idea not to glue this peace in.

And we are done. Cheap, Efficient and as easy as it gets
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