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today in this project you can learn to make a wonderful cap phone holder ..now if you are wondering why would need a cap phone stand. here are some reasons which might help you think over it..

1:- now if u are travelling and u want to watch a movie on your mobile but u also want to relax and don't wish to hold your phone then this cap phone stand will shore fill your need.

2:- u can also play games while wearing the cps ( cap phone stand )...

Step 1: Materials

1 : a cap

2 : hot glue gun

3 : an empty cardboard tube

4 : empty tape roll

5 : blade

6 : a marker

7 ; screw driver

Step 2: Measurements

first of all measure the length of the caps flap..

my cap measures up-to 7 cm...now take your scale and place it near to the empty cardboard tube and measure 7 cm and put a mark on it.as shown above..

now again from the marked spot measure 7 cm .

and now again from the last marked point measure 3 cm .. as shown above..

when its already like the above picture cut it..

Step 3: Making the Holder of the Phone Stand

now place the tube sideways and place the scale more than half (lets take it 80 % ) and mark them.as shown in the fig ..

now draw two rough lines from the marked two dots to the other side as shown above.

now cut the 3 cm as shown in the pictures but don't cut more then the circle line .. note : cut the rough line that u just made.now to make it a little bigger use the screw driver and push it inside the cut of the cardboard tube. if there is any problem in the lines above that u can't understand just follow the pictures ..

now when u r done till the pictures above do the exact same thing on the other side of the tube(7 cm s side)(note :: when it is all finished the 3 cm area will be cut and the 7 cm area will be cut but the 7 cm in the middle should not be cut...only the two side ends of the cardboard tube...)

Step 4: Making the Phone Stand

now take the empty tape rolls and measure more than half as u did before in the cardboard tube(remember to measure as 80 % ). now when u have marked the edges draw two straight line starting from each end ,, as shown above.and cut it out...

now as u may have noticed that one piece would be bigger and the other would be smaller ,, now take the bigger piece and insert it inside the 3 cm area of the tube.when it reaches the end of the cut glue it with the help of the hot glue gun..

Step 5: Making Earphone/headphone Holder

now take the 7 cm side of the tube and insert the cap flap inside the cut made into the cardboard tube on the 7 cm s side. as shown above.after u are done drop some glue on the second (middle) 7 cm piece.at last take the left out smaller piece of the tape roll and place it above the glue to paste it there..


all the above pictures shows how does your finished cps looks like, how to put your phone in the phone stand,how does the earphone / headphone holder works, and the final looks of the "CPS"..

hope this project was helpful to u .. best of luck .. enjoy..

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    8 years ago on Step 3

    Love the concept...Brilliant! Keep up your innovative streak (y)

    The only problem could be people trying to use it while driving...potentially dangerous.


    8 years ago on Introduction

    If you attached lenses and brought the phone closer it would be a VR helmet.


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    it's a nice idea for an improvement. thanx for the great suggestion..thank u


    8 years ago

    Amazingly brilliant for just relaxing at home.


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    thanx. hope u enjoy it to the fullest ..