Introduction: " Chandelier" Light Fixture for Children's Room.

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 I wanted my daughter's room to have a " princess" feel to it, but I wanted it to be classy and not overly childish, so that they could keep the effect as they grew into their teen years. So I decided to make a chandelier type of effect for their light.
Hubby installed a round flushmount light fixture for about 20 dollars from home depot.
Then I went on ebay, and bought 38mm Clear French-Cut Chandelier Prisms, 16 prisms for 16 dollars. Depending on the sizing of your light fixture and the effect you are going for, you may want to use more or less prisms. (These prisms come in all shapes, sizes, and colors)
I got 16 white(to match the light fixture and ceiling colors so it blends in better) eye hook screws. The sizing really depends on how big and heavy your chandelier pieces are, but mine were fairly light. I used around a #10 guage, 3/4 inch eye hook.  I also wanted the hooks big enough, that I could weave some gauzy fabric through the holes for a more finished look later, should I chose to.(At this point, I have them plain)
Screw the eye hooks into ceiling as close around the light fixture as possible, in as even spaced intervals as you can. Once the hooks are in place, simply slip the chandelier's hooks into place and bend them slightly as to be a secure fit. The end effect is a classy, dazzling effect, and the pieces of the chandelier dangle about with the slightest breeze.