$ DIME FRAME $ Add Bling to Your Boring Picture Frame.

Introduction: $ DIME FRAME $ Add Bling to Your Boring Picture Frame.

For this Instructable I will show you how to customize or add 'bling'
 to your plain ole' boring picture frame.

Step 1:

Required materials:

* picture frame (any size but make sure your dimes will fit).
* dimes (or pennies, nickels etc).
* epoxy resin (any brand is fine).
* Tarn-X or CLR stain/tarnish remover.
* mixing cup. 
* stir sticks.
* glue (I used white glue but any glue will work. Just needs to hold the items till epoxy is poured).
* q-tips.

Step 2:

FIrst thing to do is put your dimes into a bowl and clean them with Tarn-X or CLR.

Pour the cleaner in the bowl, put in your dimes and give them a swirl. 

Now pour only the cleaner from the bowl, then give the dimes a rinse with water.

Dump them onto a towel and dry them. 

Once dry, start to arrange a few of your dimes on the picture frame without glue. See what pattern will work for the size of frame you have. You may get away with the staggered pattern or maybe only the side-by-side even pattern (see pics). On the surface of the frame, the wider area you have to work with - the better options you will have. The smaller the surface area of the frame, the harder it is for placement of the dimes to work together. It may take a bit of time to figure out a configuration that will work.

Once you figure out the pattern that'll work for your frame, start gluing :~)

I just dipped my Q-tip into some white glue, put it on the back of the dime - then carefully placed it onto the frame. You should have a damp rag handy for when you unintentionally drop the dime onto your work :~(

Step 3:

Once you are satisfied with the pattern you've chosen - you are ready to epoxy the frame.

2 most important steps:

1) Always make sure you measure out the amounts of resin and hardener accurately!
2) Make sure the two components are mixed thoroughly! If it says 2 minutes of stirring - do 5 minutes!

The frame should be elevated to allow access underneath to wipe up drips. It also needs to be levelled. Use a small level and check length and width for level. The epoxy self levels but don't expect it to go uphill. Make sure its level.

Once mixed, pour the epoxy onto your work and spread it out evenly making sure everything gets covered. (Allow it to drip over the edges - they can be cleaned up every 15 minutes or so with a small paint brush.)

After 5 minutes you'll want to get rid of all those tiny bubbles. Take a small propane torch and carefully fan the flame a minimum 6" or so away from the epoxy. Do NOT leave the flame in one area - keep the flame constantly moving or else you risk burning the epoxy. You will see the bubbles quickly popping. Let the work stand for 15 minutes.

Go back and wipe the drips from the bottom edges again. If there are any left over bubbles - go over the epoxy one more time with the torch.

Go back 15 minutes again and keep doing this till there is no more dripping epoxy.

Try to cover your work to prevent dust and grit from falling into the epoxy.

And that's it! Wait about 3 days for the epoxy to totally cure then you can safely handle your work without damaging the epoxy.

Step 4:


Put in your favourite picture and display your work.

Hope you enjoyed this Instructable. Let me know what you think :~)


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    9 years ago on Introduction

    Nice! Is there anyway to get them out if you are broke, just kidding. That would be a nice way to use those Canadian pennies.


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    Ever heard the term, 'hammer-time' lol.
    Pennies were the first choice but wouldn't fit going two wide.


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks Penolopy. It worked out perfectly for this frame.


    9 years ago

    That's $5.20 in dimes!


    Reply 9 years ago

    The picture frame is FREE!