Introduction: ||DIY FINGER WATCH||

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Hey, Wt's up guys ? It's Ketan here back again with another instructable ! In this instructable I'll be showing you how to make this cute and awesome finger watch. It is really an easy DIY Project and it also looks really good ! And also it is really a good idea to recycle old watches !

Step 1: Transformation :

With this DIY Project you can transform your old digital watch or even mechanical watch into a great and new good looking watch ! Here you can see the Before And After pictures and see the change yourself. It is a really good DIY project and I recommend you to try it !

Step 2: Steps :

So for this instructable, I've made a video on youtube so that it would be easier for you to understand all the steps. Just play the video here or go to youtube and search my channel : Dr.Cosmic. I will be posting more videos on my youtube channel soon..... So stay tuned ! If you don't want to watch then kindly follow the steps :

Step 3: Things You'll Need :

So for this instructable you are gonna need the following things :

  • Mechanism of an old digital watch as shown.
  • A thin cardboard sheet.
  • Colored craft papers.(Black and Skin colored craft paper required for this instructable)
  • Sketch Pens.
  • Scissors.
  • A Strip of Elastic.

Except these things, you can also add some more things of your choice in order to decorate the watch.

Step 4: Let's Get Started ! :

  1. First, you are gonna take your watch and mark up it's boundary on the skin colored craft paper.
  2. Then you are gonna take the cardboard sheet and make two small circles as shown to make the ears.
  3. Now you are gonna take the black sheet and mark the boundary of your watch on it.

Step 5: Cutting :

For this step, you are gonna cut all the things that you've drawn by now.

Step 6: Pasting :

Now you are going to paste all the cuttings on the watch as shown :

  • Starting up with the black cutting.(make sure to cut a little rectangle in the center in order to make some space for the watch screen which shows the time)
  • Now move on to the skin colored cutting.(Before pasting it, draw the mickey mouse or any cartoon character's face on it that you would like)
  • Then to the ears(In order for the ease of pasting, you're gonna paste little sticks of cardboard behind the ears so that it would be easier to paste the ears)

Make sure to sketch up the ears !

Step 7: Final Steps ! :

  • Now you are going to color the mickey mouse's face that you had drawn earlier.
  • Then take the elastic strip and make it up to your finger's size and cut it.
  • Now paste the elastic strip behind the watch as shown.

Step 8: It's Done ! :

And there you have it ! Your DIY finger watch is ready now and you can also make more of them by using some other cartoon character's face. Cuz the possibilities are limitless!

Step 9: Bye !

So this is all I have for you in this instructable. I hope you enjoyed it. If you did then make sure to like and comment on this instructable and also don't forget to visit my youtube channel cuz I'll be posting some more videos soon !

Till then Bbbbbyyyyyeeeee !!!

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