Introduction: 🎃 DIY Halloween Pop Up Card, Spooky Card, Paper Halloween Crafts

How to make spooky Halloween Pop Up Card. A good halloween gift and a great idea for creativity.

Below in the description of the steps, there is a ghost and letter template for the card cover.


Used materials:

  • colored double;
  • sided cardboard;
  • colored paper;
  • white drawing paper;
  • markers;
  • glitter gel;
  • decorative confetti;
  • glue stick;
  • flat glue brush.

Step 1: Making a Ghost

For a card, take a sheet of A4 colored double-sided cardboard and fold it in half.

Use my template or draw your own ghost. In the video (it is at the top of the instructions), I showed how to fold the ghost figure - 1:02, on the instructions the fold lines are marked in blue.

Glue the ghost figure onto the centerfold of the card.

Step 2: Work With a Card Spread

We drew and cut out some shapes from colored paper to open the postcard. You can also use your imagination and draw shapes out of colored paper, or draw pictures directly on the spread with colored markers.

We also covered some parts of our craft with colored glitter gel and sprinkled with decorative confetti on top.

Step 3: Production of Details for the Cover of a Postcard

Cut out the letters from paper or cardboard (we used cardboard) according to the diagram shown in the first step.

You can also draw some pictures that will decorate the cover of your card.

Step 4: Making a Card Cover

Design a beautiful cover by overlaying letters and pictures on it.

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