This is an easy reflective band. It's really easy to make and light so you can keep it in the bag in case of need.
You can wrap it around arm, leg or glows to use it for turn signal when you bike.

Step 1: YOU NEED

You need:
-reflective stripe (I take it from an old jacket);
-piece of fabric;
-piece of velcro;

Step 2:

Sew the reflective band to the fabric, in a long stripe.

Step 3: RING

Sew the ring on a side of the stripe.

Step 4: VELCRO

Sew the velcro on the two edges of the stripe.

Step 5: DONE!

Done! Just wrap it and stick the velcro together.
Is fast, easy and I think is really useful, especially if you use bicycles a lot.

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