Introduction: 🌷 Garden Flower Made From Wood Rod and Balloons 🌷

Please wash your hands 👏
Stay home! Stay safe :)

Step 1: 🌷Materials

Supplies: 👇

🔽Wood Rod
🔸Balloon Air Pump
🔽Flower Shape Balloon Clips
🔹Mini Rubber Band
🔸White Pen
🔽Acrylic Paint
🔹Paint Brush

Step 2: 🌷Paint It

Now just paint the wood rod with green color

Step 3: 🌷Balloon Air Pump

Held the balloon in hand and pump and Tie a balloon

Step 4: 🌷Again Paint It

Paint the balloons with white pen leaf design

Step 5: 🌷Plastic Shape Balloon Clips

Add the Shape to rubber band and with pink balloon and white balloon

Step 6: 🌷Wood Rod and Rubber Band

Add flower shape Balloon with rubber band and with wood rod

Step 7: 🌷Again Wood Rod and Rubber Band

Add green leaf balloons with rubber band with wood rod

Step 8: 🌷Finish It

Super easy craft work
This banner looks great as photo!
Birthday parties, Weddings or any other special celebrations.

Enjoy it : )) 🎀👸

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