-= the ShoeBox Pully=-

Introduction: -= the ShoeBox Pully=-

In this Instructable I will be Showing you how to make a pulley for a loft or bunk bed. Perfect for anyone in a small dorm. You can even take off the pulley for easy storage.

WARNING :Make sure that your shoe box can handle what you put inside. I am not responsible for any damage done to personal items.

Step 1: -=The Materials=-

Some of the materials you may have around.


-=Ruler Or Meter Stick=-

-=Rope, as log twice as long as the height of your bead=-

-=Shoe Box (you should know this)=-

-= Pen=-

-=Duck Tape=-

Step 2: Use That Meter Stick!

Measure your bead up to the poles on the top.

Once this is done Take your Meter stick and measure the rope twice as long as the height of the bead. Set your rope aside.

Now measure an area for your hole and trace it with your pen. Next you should poke the hole with the scissors.

Once this is done thread the rope into the two holes you made, now take out your Meter stick and And measure the rope to make sure that each side is equal. Take your duck tape and secure the section of rope going through the holes with duck tape. Then secure the section of rope inside the box to the bottom.

Step 3: Just a Bit More Duck Tape...

Now your going to want to take the two ends of the rope and duck tape them together.

Your FINISHED, almost...

Step 4: Installation

Your ShoeBox Pulley is now done!

To install the pulley onto your bead take the end of the rope and pule it underneath the support beam, now pull the rope underwater itself.

Step 5: -=And Finaly=-

Now you can carry heavy books, tablets and even food up to your bead.

Doesn't it feel good to be lazy?

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