Introduction: 0$ Humidifiers

Hey guys,

something for the dry air winter season and especially for people with central heating.

What you need is:
1. A clean milk or orange juice container (sure you can add some flavor to your room's air if you want;)
2. 1 or 2 pieces of paper towel

So you just fill up the container with water, roll the paper towel that it becomes a wick and make sure it's long enough to reach the bottom of your container and leaves some area to protrude beyond the rim of the container.

The area of beyond protruding paper towel, defines the amount of water vaporized per unit time.
So it's up to you how much you actually want to vaporize. What if found out, if you let too much paper towel stand out,
it starts to hang down and thus starts to drip. So you want to make sure the paper towel that stands out, has the same elevation as the rim of the container.

As it's 0$ bucks, you might want to replace the entire Humidifier once in a while for hygienic reasons.

Happy humidifying and don't get moldy!