Introduction: 0$ Stand for Ipod

If you need a stand for the iphone or ipodTouch and you have nothing handy, don`t worry all you need is a roll of toilet paper:)

Looking for a tripod to hold the iphone, I found this "stand" made with a plastic folding: The Fozitripod

A simple and ingenious solution, but with things as bad as they are and the wallet not ready for more spending I thought maybe I could make something similar with a roll of paper (what is left over.. I mean) and scissors:

Step 1: Materials Needed :)

Materials needed
- Roll of Paper
- scissors
- Iphone or any mp4 player :)

Step 2: We Crush It to Be Able to Cut It

we crush it to be able to cut it.

We cut it this way more or less. A high area for the iphone support and notches in a saw to place the apparatus with different inclinations.

Step 3: That Is It!..This Is What It Looks Like: