Introduction: 0.5Kw Hybrid Solar Plant Installation Guide

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This instructables is all about 0.5 Kw hybrid solar plant installation procedure. Hybrid in the sense it is connected to the grid and also with a battery back up.

Step 1: All That You Need

1: PCU power conditioning unit 1kw.
2: 2*250 = 500 watt solar panel.
3:DCDB :direct current distribution box.
4: Two 12v 24 Ah battery
5:Multimeter, clamp meter.
6:solar frame, tools, wires, etc
7: AC load ( < 500 watt here hand drill)

Step 2: Theory / Calculation

Q》We need to find ?
1. Suitable rating for Inverter/PCU
2. No.of batteries parallel / series
3. No. of panels parallel / series
4. Type of system

1: The inverter/PCU rating should be 25 to 30% more than that of connected load. Choose suitable inverter from market having standard capacity 0.5 Kw, 1Kw , 2Kw..

2: No. of solar panels depend on load same as inverter. For 1Kw plant we need 250 watt 4 panels. Here we have installed 0.5 Kw so 2 panels are needed.

》 Series or parallel connection of panels / battery.
Inverter system voltage is the minimum voltage at which it works , it can be 24v, 48 v, 96 v....
Our inverter work on 24 volts, so we required 24 v from battery and solar for operation.

Panel (for all system)
250 watt
30 V
8 Amps
so parallel connection of 2 panels make system of 30 v and 16 Amps.

Battery( For off grid and hybrid)
12 volts
so series connection of 2 batteries make system of 24 v and 42 Amps.

Step 3: Connection

Connection is as follows
PV 》PCU 《 Mains 》》 Load
Battery 》

Refer Fig 1 for more information.

Step 4: Turning System On.

Sequence of turning on mcb for the PCU.
Battery MCB 》 PV MCB 》Input Mains MCB 》 Output MCB

The sequence should be followed before turning on the systems for safe operation.

Step 5: Observations for Three Different Load.

1 : When load of 180 watts Ac fan is operated
Reading form PCU
1. I.PV = 7.2 Amps
2. P.V = 24.4 V
3. B.v = 23.5 V
4. O/P = 234 V
5. L/D = 20%

Thus Pv system is sufficient to operator the load. Battery chargers simultaneously load is operated. No power is drawn form the mains.

2: When hand drill of 450 watt is operated. PCU beeps indicating low battery voltage. Battery is not changing . PV and battery combined supply power to the load. Power for main is zero.

3. When 2 hand drill of 450 watt is operated. PCU beeps indicating low battery voltage. Battery is not changing. PV and battery combined are not sufficient to power load the (900watt). So power from main is drawn to deliver to the load.

Further increasing the load leads to system shut down as our PCU is of 1000W.

Step 6: Video

Check out the video 》》