Introduction: 1 Button, 1 LED.

1 Button, 1 LED. It's a gamble game with a game master, where there is a box with 5 buttons and 5 LED's. Only 1 button turns 1 of the LED's on. The player has 2 chances to push a button. The player also guesses which colour LED is going to light up when the right button is pushed.

Materials needed:

- Arduino UNO 5V

- Breadboard

- 4mm wood

- a lot of short and medium-long cables

- tape

- 5 LED's (different colours)

- 5 buttons

- 5 resistors 220 Ohm

- 5 resistors 1k Ohm

- Tool to strip cables

- Tool to cut cables

- Wood glue

- USB Cable

- Arduino CC code

- Laptop

Step 1: Setup

What you need to do first is check to see if you have all the materials. The first thing you do is to cut the wood in the right measurements:

*All the wood is 4mm thick*

1 piece 20cm x 12cm

1 piece 15cm x 12cm

1 piece 5cm x 12cm

1 piece 15cm x 7cm

1 piece 15cm x 7cm (look at the first image to see where you need to cut a square out for the cable)

2 pieces 11cm x 7cm

2 pieces 5cm x 5cm

1 piece 5cm x 11cm

Then you take the 15cm x 12cm piece and like in the second image (measurements are incorrect), drill 5 pairs of 2 wholes in it (5-10mm apart from eachother).

Then you also take the 5cm x 12cm piece and you do the same but then for the buttons. This time it's 5 groups of 4 wholes, but you have to measure up how far apart the metal from the buttons are from eachother.

In the third image you see the setup for 1 LED and 1 button. make this setup, but then with the 20cm x 12cm piece as the base with the arduino glued on it. Measure where it needs to be placed with the 15cm x 7cm piece with a square cut out for the cable. Make this setup with 5 LED's and 5 buttons.

Step 2: Make It Work and Finish It!

The setup with 5 LED's and 5 buttons should be done with the LED's and buttons already through the wholes and connected with either tape or if you can solder, solder it.

Make sure to decorate the wood in advance if you want it to look fancy.

After you've connected every wire and component, put all the wood pieces together with glue and let it harden for a while, so that you're sure that it stays that way.

Connect the box with the cable into the USB of your laptop. If you don't have arduino CC already, download. If you have it, type the code as shown in the second image and upload it to the arduino and voilá, there you have the '1 Button, 1 LED'.