1$ Cigar Humidor Plus Recycle a Water Bottle!




Introduction: 1$ Cigar Humidor Plus Recycle a Water Bottle!

Well, this is my first instructible, so go some-what easy on me.
There are many great humidors, and even more great home-made humidors, but few that are easy and cheap enough for the average cigar smoker (I'm referring to the one to two cigar a week people.)
This instructible will show you how to make a extremely cheap or free if you happen to have an empty bottle handy single cigar humidor.

(Please excuse image quality, I was forced to use a Cellphone)

Step 1: Materials

You will need one of the following:

1) Water bottle with around 1-3 inches of water in it.

2) Some Tape, I chose electrical.

3) A cigar and a cigar tube (together because you most likely bought them this way.)

4) A knife (please use a smaller one than I did, it was handy, and excessively dangerous.)

5) The lid to your water bottle

6) around three minutes.

Step 2: Cut the Lid

Using your (hopefully) safe knife cut a slot in the top of the lid.

You may be wondering why I specified a water bottle, and the answer is: the lid is much easier to cut on a water bottle VS a 20oz soda (or admittedly a commercial water ie dasani or the like)

the picture might be a little hard to see but think of the top of a trapazoid the cut should look like this
/       \   make sure you cut on a surface that you don't mind scratching and DO NOT cut it while it is in your hands ie holding it, and if you do, don't cut yourself, remember i told you not to.

try to center it  as best you can and although not super important try your best not to cut larger than the tube. if you do its not big deal, the tape should make that a null issue.

Granistad has nothing to do with this, it was a note that I wrote down a long time ago.

Step 3: Center the Tube

While the tube and lid are separate, lets make sure they *fit* well. obviously the tube isn't going to fit OVER the lid (but if it does, awesome provided its a snug fit, you can skip the tape all together for the rest of us, there is tape.)

This should be obvious, but this is easiest done without the cigar in the tube.

Step 4: Tape, and Finished!

Now, just tape that bad boy on there (make sure you put the Cigar back in) and your set! screw on the lid, and wait. Ordinarily i wait a full day, or over night now, the downside to this is the potential for water droplets to collect, however, if you tip the tube to the side a bit when you tape it, the water should form on the side away from your cigar, and keep it dryish.

I have been using this for well over a year now (not the same bottle, eww) and it works great! my father showed this trick to me and now I'm sharing it with strangers yay! enjoy, and remember (although you don't care, because like me, you love to smoke) cigars can cause cancer to your mouth gums and throat even if you don't inhale. temporary side effects include subdued pleasure, and a great smoke even from most cheap machine cigars.

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    12 years ago on Introduction

    You can cut off the end of the tube and use an eraser or something similar to over the hole... :)


    12 years ago on Introduction

    cool idea. It would be awesome if you could find a way to put a new cigar without having to retape it though.