Introduction: 1$ Evdo Antenna With a ~13db Gain

This is my first tutorial so be gentle please, i feel i was as concise and as detailed as possible for something so simple xD. Basically this is an antenna i made from an old 80mm Computer fan box, Speaker Wire, and Tape.

Step 1: Materials

- Any type of Copper Wire ( i used some speaker wire i had in the garage)

- Small box (i used a 80mm Computer fan box, its not entirely necessary but it makes it easy to take off the antenna portion if you want to move the card)

- Tape (Scotch, Electric, Duct. Doesn't matter)

- Evdo/3g Card/Cell phone. (mine is a Verizon Pantech UMW 190)

Step 2: 3 Step Process :D

1. Wrap the copper wire around the box a few times as seen in the title page, not really a specific number i just did about a foot of wire around it.

2. Run the rest of the length of wire outside through a window, door, or any other opening in your house.

3. Attach the wire to the side of your house in an upward direction. (I used tacks for ease of removal in the event of me needing to do so) 

(sorry about the slight glare on the pictures, it was 9pm and raining :O)

Step 3: You're Done!

This simple antenna brought me from hovering around 90db constantly to ~78db only fluctuating to 82db. Hope this helps other people as it did me, I'm 16 and have been looking for a way to improve internet speeds for my gaming and this finally did it. Feel free to ask questions, i'll answer any that are reasonable. (P.S. You don't need to attach the wire to the card/phone it creates a field around it that gathers the signal for you. Though attaching it may help, but i don't want to shell out the cash for an adapter and Low loss Coax cable)