1$ Generator

Introduction: 1$ Generator

i am meraj from project DEFY mangalore maker-space i am doing 1 $ generator


  • 12 volt DC motor
  • 2 LED's
  • bamboo
  • 1 nail
  • wires


  • glue gun
  • wire cutter
  • saw
  • steel wire

Step 1: Hole the Bamboo

Hole the bamboo with the help of hammer and nail

Step 2: Stick the LED to the Bamboo

Stick the LED to the bamboo and join wire to LED

Step 3: Soldering the Wire

Solder the wire to the motor

Step 4: Tie the Motor to the Bamboo

Tie the motor with the help of steel wire and glue gun

Step 5: Take Nail to Spin the Motor

Take the nail to spin motor in opposite sides so the power will be generated and LED will glow

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    6 years ago

    Interesting idea and very simple. Thanks for sharing!