Introduction: 1 Hr. White Walker Pumpkin

In this instructable I'll go through the steps to create a quick 1 hour White walker pumpkin. This is my first attempt at such a quick but somewhat detailed pumpkin as usually I spend 8-10 hours per pumpkin fine tuning all the details. It's been an extremely busy fall though and I really didn't have time for much more.

Step 1: The Things You'll Need

(1) a good shaped pumpkin that is heavy for it's size. This means it has thick walls and is good for carving into.

(2) your reference. You can choose whatever you'd like the approach will be the same on any face.

(3) your tools. I use a variety of wood and clay sculpting tools along with exacto knives and other pairing knives. Basically use whatever works best for you and gives you the best results. To remove the skin efficiently you will need a clay ribbon tool of some kind though which is shown in the third picture.

Step 2: Skinning Your Pumpkin Carving Area

In this step you will decide the side of the pumpkin you'd like to use and then you will begin to remove the skin. Using downward and somewhat diagonal strokes with the ribbon tool. Don't go too deep or remove too much meat or you'll discard pumpkin you can use to carve. You're going for what you see in picture (1) Using strong downward strokes remove the skin until you have a cleaned pumpkin face as seen in the second picture.

Step 3: Determining the Area for Eyes and Mouth

This step is fairly straight forward. You'll want to decide where you want the mouth, bottom of the nose and eye sockets. Then as shown in the picture you will remove pumpkin. The eyes holes will be where you eventually add more detail and the mouth area will be the beginning of adding depth to the nose and a lower more recessed area for the mouth and lips.

Step 4: Outlining the Face Shape and Defining the Nose More.

In this step you can see that I have started to contour where the face will be and the outsides of that shape. I used a ribbon tool and knife to remove areas and define that area. Then I went ahead and removed more area under and on the sides of the nose where the upper lip and mouth will be. These two processing begin to bring structure to the face

Step 5: Refining the Mouth, Cheeks and Nose.

This step continues work from the last step to add more definition to the face. The goal is to add more dimension to the cheeks, nose and begin to make the mouth. You will also slowly begin to round the shape of the temples of the head. After this all that will be left is adding quick details on this speedy carving.

Step 6: Finishing Touches

This last step is just adding the final details to make this quick pumpkin study recognizable. Using ribbon tools and knives you will define the eyes. Then you will make nestles and fine tune the nose shape. You will also go into the mouth and remove areas to make the inside the mouth and teeth. You'll continue to sculpt the face shape and count ours of the head to make it look like it is coming out of the pumpkin. Lastly you go in with a smaller ribbon or V shaped tool and cut out areas in the chin, cheeks and forehead to represent wrinkles and stretching skin. Working back and forth with tools keep refining until you are happy with your completed 1 hr pumpkin. Keep in mind if you mess up or aren't happy with the completed piece you can always rotate it and carve something in the other side.

Thanks for reading and I hope this quick instruct able has helped you better your pumpkin carving skills.

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