Introduction: £1 Internet Alarm Clock Radio

So like many people I have an old smartphone and as we know there are a myriad of uses one can put them to.
Here I'll make an internet clock radio which will cost far less than those fancy ones you can plug your iPhone into.

Step 1: Gather Parts

Bill of Materials includes:-
A smartphone - in this case a Samsung Galaxy Ace 3
Laptop speakers - in this case a set from a Dell Latitude D505 which cost 99p on eBay
Small bit of Veroboard
A plug socket protector

Step 2: Making the Phone Mount

Take the plug socket protector and cut off one edge. Then glue to the top of the speakers.
Voilà a phone mount. If your phone tends to topple then consider screwing the speakers to a piece of wood to stabilise.

Step 3: Wiring the Speakers

Here I used a piece of Veroboard to connect the speaker wire to a 3.5mm jack lead. The speakers I bought came with 6 wires. The yellow and black turned out to be a pass through connection for the CMOS battery in the donor laptop, so can be ignored. The other wires follow normal colour convention i.e. red is right, white is left and the blacks are negatives.

Step 4: Setup the Phone

Install the BBC iPlayer app to the phone and find the alarm clock and night clock functions and setup from there.

Step 5: All Done

There you go. Unfortunately the iPlayer app doesn't display in landscape mode, but it does in the night clock mode.
Anyway we can now wake up to the glorious tones of Michael Ball.
if you need more amplification then you can use a PAM8403 amplifier circuit, available for 99p from all good Chinese eBay sellers. conveniently this circuit can use 5volt supply so can be spliced into the USB power supply for the phone.