Introduction: 1 Minute Emergency Pocket Mouthwash!

About: IM 15! :D

To begin with, i got the idea from ---- Yes, I keep these in my wallet in case i need them :D, and I go to school.... How do I survive? I use these! I usually carry 3 if I'm in school , i take em out, violently try to rip it open and squeeze the goods into my mouth, then rinse out in the bathroom. :D

Step 1: Tools and Stuff

This is extremely simple and wont cost you anything.
you'll need:

Plastic Ziploc Bag (has to be plastic!-thin)
2Flat surfaces (i used small plexi- glass boards)


Soldering Iron

Step 2: Cutting...

Now cut a square from the plastic bag, I wanted squares so i cut 1. Start at the corners, they are less work = easier to finish up later. :)

Step 3: Closing :D

Now use the 2 flat sides you have to close the open sides. Leaving 1 side open to fill the mini bag. I used my Plexi - glass boards here REMEMBER THE VENTILATION!. The pictures will help you understand more than the pictures. :)

1-Place the cut plastic on top of one of the peices of plastic, put the other ontop leaving 1 open side peeking out so u can melt it off.

2-Heat the soldering iron up then cut the plastic thats sticking out straight through (straight line accross) the hotter the faster and cleaner.

Step 4: Filling and Finishing Up :D

Now stick the toothpaste head into the plastic bag and fill it, I use less than a pea-sized portion, also depends on the bag size , NEVER make the bag full, you will squeeze it if it's in your pocket and burst , you don't want that :D
AFTER filling try to move the paste as far away from the opening, put it under the surfaces and seal it , I recommend you not use the hole you used to fill as the side you use later:D

Step 5: FINISHED! :D

Check for leaks, gently squeeze it around if it doesn't have any leaks just wash the mini bag and voila! stick a few in your wallet or pocket :D

Rate and comment, if you liked this tell me :D who knows this might end up in a contest :D thanks for Watching! And never have bad breath again!!!!!!!!!!!